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How to find the best hotel deals?

With these little tips, you will find the cheapest accommodation

How far in advance should you book a hotel?

- As soon as possible! You should not wait too long, because in most cases the prices go up again. You will not save money by waiting.

On which days are the hotels cheaper?

- It depends. Big cities, which are mainly visited by business people, are better booked on weekends because the prices drop a bit at the end of the week. Resorts and tourist cities, on the other hand, are better visited during the week, as the prices are then a bit cheaper than on weekends.

Where can I find the best hotel deals?

- You can find the best hotel deals at our hotel search engine, or

How to save money when booking a hotel?

First of all, you should try to book the hotel as early as possible. If you have more time to search for hotels, you are more likely to find a good deal. By the way, in the season, hotel prices almost never go down. Therefore, you don't have to wait for hotel bargains here. Also, you can compare different available dates at the hotels to get the best deal. Sometimes certain events take place in the respective city so that the hotels are largely booked and therefore the prices rise. A week later it can look different again. So if you are a little bit flexible in terms of time, it is worth comparing the prices on different dates. People travel for many different reasons. Accordingly, there are also many different target groups that hotels try to address. Business hotels, for example, will usually be more expensive during the week than on weekends, while hotels that appeal to more tourists can be very cheap during the week.

When is the best time to book a hotel?

It all depends. As just mentioned, different hotels appeal to different clientele each time. In business hotels, you can usually get very good and cheap last-minute bargains. Vacation hotels and resorts, on the other hand, should rather be booked 3 to 6 months in advance to get great early booking discounts. This is simply because business people tend to book their hotels at short notice due to spontaneous meetings or business trips, while vacationers often plan their vacations well in advance. However, it can still happen that even large vacation resorts offer a last minute bargain. So you should always keep your eyes open.

Hidden costs

If you see a cheap hotel deal that you just can't believe, then you should definitely check the included services before booking. If they are not clearly stated on the website, you should just pick up the phone and call the provider to be sure. Usually, there is a reason why a hotel room is suddenly significantly cheaper than usual. Sometimes there are extra costs for internet, taxes, booking fees, wellness, room service, credit card payment, or similar.

What is Hotel Error Fares?

Similar to flight error fares, there can also be an error in a hotel booking system so that a room suddenly costs only a few euros. If you see such a hotel error fare, you should not waste time and book directly and wait for the confirmation. In no case should you call the hotel, otherwise they will correct the error before you could book at a cheap price.

Where to find good hotel deals?

  • There are of course many providers that offer hotel deals. Here is a small list of providers that I can recommend in good conscience:
  • our hotel search engine
  • for new openings (easy to use, reasonable prices)
  • (hotel reviews at a glance, good prices, and packages)
  • (user-friendly, good deals)
  • (a very well known booking site)
  • If you're still looking for a really good deal, check out this A&O hotel deal! 3 days with breakfast in a hotel of your choice for only $5-$10 per person.

3 Tips to save money on hotel bookings

  1. Check deals regularly! Hotel deals are often not available or updated for a long time. Therefore, you should check the websites regularly so that no deal slips through your fingers. If you find a good deal, don't wait too long to book. Others may like the deal as much as you do and the offer will sell out quickly.
  2. Buy and cancel! Unlike airline tickets, you can easily cancel hotel reservations at any time. So if you come across a great hotel deal, just buy it. If you find a better one later, just call the hotel and cancel again.
  3. Two double rooms, please! If you are traveling with your family and want to save some money, I recommend booking two double rooms instead of the big family room. Often these are more expensive than two double rooms together. The only night disadvantage is that you might not be accommodated in two adjoining rooms.